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Common coal mine conveyor belt advantages


Conveyor belts for coal mines are all belts with flame […]

Conveyor belts for coal mines are all belts with flame retardant and antistatic type. They are mainly composed of two kinds of fabric core flame retardant conveyor belts and wire rope conveyor belts. Each conveyor belt has its own unique point. The manufacturer will analyze the advantages of the two conveyor belts for everyone.

The advantages of fabric whole core flame-retardant conveyor belt: flame retardant, anti-static, waterproof, moisture-proof, tear-resistant, thin belt body, small quality, low energy consumption, relatively simple production process. Its shortcomings: large elongation, short service life (generally no more than 4 years), the cumulative coal consumption does not exceed 5 million tons.

Advantages of steel cord conveyor belt: flame retardant, antistatic, high tensile strength, good impact resistance, small elongation, good groove formation, good resistance to winding, long service life (generally 5-8 years) . Its shortcomings: thick body, high quality, large tear resistance, high energy consumption during transportation, and complicated production process.

At present, the fabric core flame retardant belt has a low level, and the tensile strength generally does not exceed 1600 N/mm; the steel cord core has a higher flame retardant belt level and the tensile strength is greater than 1400 N/mm.

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