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Heat-resistant conveyor belts lead to low service life in use


The heat-resistant conveyor belt can work normally unde […]

The heat-resistant conveyor belt can work normally under high temperature environment, which greatly reduces the input of labor cost. Although the conveyor belt has the characteristics of heat resistance, it will always cause certain damage when it is in a high temperature environment for a long time, and it will inevitably wear out. These are normal losses, but there are many other reasons for the damage of the heat-resistant conveyor belt in actual use. The conveyor belt manufacturers below will take a detailed understanding of the causes of damage to the heat-resistant conveyor belt.

1. Heat-resistant conveyor belt cracking
Mainly due to the limitation of the space size, the conveyor belt has many bending times; when the joint is vulcanized, it has been vulcanized twice or more for various reasons. The gap between the guide groove liner and the tape is not suitable, causing abnormal wear or foreign matter embedded in the gap, causing abnormal wear or scratching. The material flow rate at the guide trough is inconsistent with the conveyor belt speed, and the drop is large, which accelerates the wear of the rubber surface. The roller is damaged, causing abnormal wear or scratching of the tape. The tape slips and can cause abnormal wear on the tape.

2, heat-resistant conveyor belt longitudinal tear
Mainly due to the vibration shock caused by loosening and falling of the fasteners, causing the falling coal pipe liner, the guide plate to fall, the foreign matter mixed in the material, the foreign matter is hard, angular, the coal pipe is blocked, the roller defect, the support The roller frame caused scratches, and the conveyor belt was severely deflected and hung by the frame. Conveyor belt manufacturers must be connected in a ring shape to use, so the quality of the conveyor belt joints directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt and whether the conveyor line can run smoothly and smoothly. Common methods for conveyor belt joints include mechanical joints, cold bonded joints, and hot vulcanized joints.

3, conveyor belt crack
Mainly due to the aging of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt runs for a long time, because the aging often causes the conveyor belt to crack. The heat-resistant conveyor belt is divided into ordinary heat-resistant conveyor belt and strong heat-resistant conveyor belt. The ordinary heat-resistant belt strength layer is polyester-cotton canvas, and the strong heat-resistant belt strength layer is EP. In addition to this, the conveyor belt that may be used is not suitable.

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