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How to choose conveyor belt in alumina industry


Different industries have different requirements for th […]

Different industries have different requirements for the use of conveyor belts. Reasonably choose the type of conveyor belt according to the use scenario and the materials being transported. So what kind of conveyor belt does the alumina industry need to choose? The following conveyor belt manufacturers take everyone to understand in detail.

The alumina industry transports coal, bauxite, aluminum hydroxide, and alumina powder. The most commonly used place is the raw material workshop, and the roasting workshop uses a small part. Choosing polyester belts is no problem in the industry, mainly the choice of conveyor belt parameters, which is directly related to the purchase price.
When selecting the conveyor belt, the following indicators are needed: bandwidth, EPXX (tensile strength), thickness of the top cover, thickness of the bottom cover, and the number of canvas layers. The following is the selection table:

The red color is the parameter selected by most alumina plants at present. Of course, some companies that are not sensitive to cost choose EP300 and the upper cover is 6mm. In fact, most of the reasons for the damage of conveyor belts in the alumina industry are caused by inadequate maintenance. If the management level is not maintained in the short term, high allocation can be considered because it involves safety issues after the belt breaks.

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