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How to choose the joint form of the conveyor belt


1. Steel buckle joint The steel buckle joint is a joint […]

1. Steel buckle joint
The steel buckle joint is a joint method that can be repeatedly disassembled. The steel buckle joint has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it can effectively avoid the inconvenience of installation after the belt is looped. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to clean, easy to breed bacteria, and easy to use. This causes the conveyor belt joint to tear slowly and has a short service life.

2. Toothed joint
Toothed joints are the most common form of joint for light conveyor belts and are the strongest. The light conveyor belt is first layered and then toothed. Because the teeth are the same as the shape of the teeth, it is called a toothed joint. The toothed joint is an internationally common joint. The toothed joints are vulcanized by high-temperature vulcanization of the vulcanizer. The joints after bonding are evenly stressed. The joint thickness is consistent with the thickness of the belt, and the joint strength reaches about 90% of the rated tensile strength. The toothed joint ensures a hygienic and easy-to-clean nature of the conveyor belt due to the high temperature fusion of the rubber surface.

3. Lap
In the case where the machine is inconvenient to disassemble, it is possible to choose a lap joint, and a special conveyor belt treatment also needs to be lapped. The lap joint is layered by a layering machine, and then specially polished, and the glue with the characteristics is sent to the customer, and the customer can paste it after receiving it. The strength of the lap is about 75% of the rated tensile strength, and the thickness is consistent with the baseband.
No matter which type of joint is chosen, choosing the right conveyor joint will not only effectively increase the service life of the conveyor belt, but also increase production efficiency.
The above is an introduction to the selection of the conveyor belt form, I hope to help you.

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