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Rubber conveyor belts must consider factors in addition to quality


Rubber conveyor belts should be very extensive in indus […]

Rubber conveyor belts should be very extensive in industrial production. Each enterprise also has certain differences in the requirements for conveyor belts. Therefore, when purchasing rubber conveyor belts, in addition to examining the quality, companies must choose the ones that meet their own needs. Rubber conveyor belt. This chapter teaches you how to choose a rubber conveyor belt.

1.Select according to the length of the belt conveyor
For short-distance belt conveyors, polyester conveyor belts should be used. For short-distance belt conveyors, the fabric core conveyor belt can meet the requirements due to the low tension of the belt. At present, among fabric core conveyor belts, polyester fabric core conveyor belts have lower elongation and higher tensile strength than fabric core conveyor belts, and should be preferred.

2.Select according to the nature of the material being conveyed
The material being conveyed contains large-size block materials with high hardness. When the direct drop of the receiving point is large, in addition to the thickness and performance of the cover layer, the impact resistance of the conveyor belt should be considered. The use of impact-resistant, tear-resistant conveyor belts, especially nylon conveyor belts. Of course, products such as ordinary conveyor belts cannot be selected. Otherwise, various problems are prone to occur.

3.Select according to special operation requirements
For underground coal mines and other workplaces that emit combustible dust, the choice of conveyor belts should be selected in strict accordance with national standards. When using roller-driven belt conveyors, flame-resistant conveyor belts must be used. The non-metallic parts of the belt conveyor rollers and the rubber material of the rubber-coated drum must also meet the relevant requirements for flame retardancy and antistatic performance.

4. Working environment temperature requirements of conveyor belt
The working environment temperature of rubber conveyor belt affects the choice of conveyor belt. The working environment temperature of the general-purpose conveyor belt is usually a 25 to 40 ℃ as the selection limit. When below 25. At C, a cold-resistant conveyor belt should be used. When the conveyor belt works under cold environment conditions, the covering layer of the ordinary conveyor belt is prone to hardening, surface cracking, and poor slot formation, and it is easy for the conveyor belt to slip on the roller. The design should be based on the working temperature of the cold environment, and select the corresponding temperature class cold resistant conveyor belt to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

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