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Standards and analysis of rubber products


Rubber products are widely used in our production and l […]

Rubber products are widely used in our production and life, but there are certain standards for rubber products. People continue to modify and optimize certain aspects in order to make this industry have a longer development.

At present, some types of adhesive products such as scotch tape, insulation tape, and sealing tape are gradually being packaged with sleeve labels. However, according to the production process of products, many domestic factories still use manual labor to connect and adopt manual packaging. In terms of production cost control and output limitation, there is an urgent need for automated production process solutions. According to customer production needs, there have been solutions designed by some enterprises on the world.

First introduce the special characteristics of this kind of product packaging: this type of product is generally a cylindrical body, after packaging, shrink up and down into about 5mm. Individual packaging and fixed number packaging need to be labeled or placed on the round card trademark. The inner diameter is the same, the product specifications are many, and the outer diameter error of similar products is large.

The entire design and production process can be divided into the following points: First, the product is sorted into a single product and entered into the conveyor line, and then entered into the mold through the discharge device. There are generally two ways for this kind of product: individual packaging is directly loaded on the mold, and a fixed number of packaging needs to add a counting device control line to achieve. The mold is made adjustable according to the product specifications. To meet the needs of a variety of products with a single machine, reduce customer costs, save time, and eliminate the hassle of replacement. Maximize the utilization of the machine. Because the shape and outer diameter of the product are not uniform, the accuracy of the sleeve labeling machine is very high. According to many years of production experience, the dual positioning guide system that has appeared in the world can perfectly solve this kind of problems, making the standard pass rate of 99.9%. If a round card trademark needs to be placed, a labeling device is added to the front of the sleeve label. Shrink: Due to the special nature of this type of product, electrothermal shrinkage is used. But electrothermal shrinkage is generally more difficult to control than steam shrinkage. Wrinkles and uneven heating of the vortex will occur. In addition, the outer diameter of the product is not uniform, and the size on the selection label is much larger than the conventional one. This makes it very difficult to shrink. However, the use of rotary stepwise shrinkage can solve this problem. Take: Adopt synchronous feeding device. Reclaiming is more stable. Automatic alarm and linkage control solve the problem that the machine continues to run when a fault occurs.

Different methods and different "means" are used to be better. In fact, the analysis of rubber products is also essential, and its standards need to be constantly updated.

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