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The main reason for the damage of rubber conveyor belt during use


Conveyor belts often have scratches in use, affecting t […]

Conveyor belts often have scratches in use, affecting the production and cost of the enterprise, and wasting financial resources. In fact, in the production of conveyor belts, manufacturers have taken into account many small hazards, so the conveyor belt can withstand a slight impact. The following rubber conveyor manufacturers will introduce the common situation that causes the conveyor belt damage.

1. The conveyor belt quality is not good
In the manufacturing process, due to insufficient adhesive force of the rubber material, defects in the process or a certain manufacturing process, the friction between the conveyor belt and the idler roller, the roller and the conveying material frequently occurs. The force causes the cover rubber to gradually peel off, and in severe cases, the tear of the cover rubber is generated.
2. Conveyor belt with surface contact with high temperature materials
When the conveyor belt transports the dirty slag coal in the boiler room, the uncooled high temperature dirty slag coal causes the conveyor belt to cover the glue to melt, which aggravates the abnormal wear of the belt surface. In addition, sparks and slag generated during electric welding and gas cutting operations can also cause damage to the cover tape.
3. The conveyor belt suffered a big impact
The design of the leakage system of the transportation system is too large, the coal flow direction is unreasonable, and the system has more large blocks of material, which can cause the conveyor belt to be greatly impacted, and more pits are formed on the belt surface.
The above is the reason why the rubber conveyor belt often causes damage during use. Therefore, it must be operated according to the instructions of the conveyor belt during purchase or use, so as to extend the service life of the conveyor belt and save costs for the enterprise.

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