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What are the common repair methods for conveyor belt damage


With the development of conveyor belt technology, there […]

With the development of conveyor belt technology, there are more and more repair methods for damaged conveyor belts. Users can choose a reasonable repair method according to their actual needs and convenience. The following conveyor belt manufacturers analyze the common repair methods of conveyor belts.

1.Local rubber vulcanization method
Use a small vulcanizer to vulcanize the local damage. Limited by the size of the vulcanizer, the repair speed is only about 0.5m / h. This method is not suitable for long distance repairs.

2. Rubber patch method
Adopting German technology for rubber patching has the big advantage of fast repairing speed. After grinding and cleaning the area to be patched, apply adhesive glue, direct sales of rubber and plastic conveyor belts, paste rubber, and start operation.
The disadvantage is that the rubber will fall off after 60-90d. The bigger problem is that if the endless belt is running in a humid environment, water vapor will accumulate in the gaps on the bonding surface and rust the wire rope. The wire rope will rust in a long time. It even caused a sudden break in the entire conveyor belt. In addition, the cost of this repair method is also high.

3. Spraying technology repair
Using spraying technology to repair the conveyor belt is a new type of solvent-free, pollution-free green construction technology. The supply of rubber and plastic conveyor belts is also very easy to understand. It is to use high pressure to spray the paint on the worn surface of the conveyor belt to form abrasion Layer to achieve good abrasion resistance. This conveyor belt repair technology has many advantages, such as fast curing without sagging; the thickness range of construction is very large; it has tensile strength, elongation, flexibility, wear resistance, aging resistance, Excellent performances such as corrosion resistance; easy construction and so on.

However, there are still some areas that need to be improved, that is, the spraying repair requires a special equipment box, and the external repair method is used, which is difficult to coordinate. But for the local wear of the conveyor belt, this repair method is enough to face.

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