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What is the difference between rubber conveyor belts and nylon conveyor belts


Conveyor belts are one of the commonly used conveying m […]

Conveyor belts are one of the commonly used conveying materials in the industry. They can be divided into many types according to materials and characteristics. In actual purchase, many users will confuse nylon conveyor belts with rubber conveyor belts, resulting in inoperability and waste of resources. Below the conveyor belt manufacturers take everyone to understand the difference between nylon conveyor belt and rubber conveyor belt.

1. The materials of the two conveyor belts are different
The main material of the nylon conveyor belt is nylon, and the laminated canvas is nylon canvas.
Rubber conveyor belts are rubber and fiber, metal composite products or plastic and textile composite products.

2. The characteristics and uses of the two material conveyor belts are different
The rubber conveyor has the characteristics of heat-resistant belt, hard-wearing belt, burning-resistant belt, oil-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, heat-resistant belt and cold-resistant belt. It is mainly used for solid material transportation in mining, metallurgy, steel, coal, hydropower, building materials, chemical, food and other enterprises.
Nylon conveyor belt has the characteristics of thin body, high strength, impact resistance, good groove formation, large interlayer adhesion, excellent flexibility and long service life. It is suitable for medium and long distance, high load capacity and high speed conditions. Under the transport of materials, mostly used in the transportation of mining, coal yards, chemicals, metallurgy, construction, ports and other departments.

3. The difference in price is different
The price of rubber conveyor belt is significantly lower than that of nylon conveyor belt, but we all know that the price of nylon conveyor belts in different parts is different. Even in different manufacturers in the same area, the price will be different. This time, we will choose the regular one. Strong manufacturers, after all, can not buy and use because of some cheap, lowering the price on the basis of good quality is the user's purchase experience.
Nylon conveyor belts and rubber conveyor belts are obviously different from the above introduction. What materials are needed when selecting conveyor belts, and what kind of conveyor belts are used, it is also necessary to look at the requirements of the production machines and factories. To choose the conveyor belt, choose the right conveyor belt will bring the convenience of production to the enterprise.

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