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Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

The Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt made of multi-layer powerful rubbercanvas and high quality chimical resistant rubber through calandering, sticking and vulcanizing.


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Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt detail

Chemical plant,chemical fertilizer plant,paper-marking factory.



1. As the belt core consists of cotton-duck, nylon-duck or EP-duck, the belt has good features elasticity, excellent troughability, and low elongation. 2. The rubber cover, made of chemical resistant materials, has good anti-chemical corrosive and physical performance.

Technical indexes

Physical property of rubber under hot air accelerated aging test(test condition: 50°C*96h).

Class Solution Concentration Covered condition The change rate before and after coverd
Volume expansivity Strength change rate
A1 (HCI) 18% 50°C x 96h ≥10% ≤10%
A2 (H2S04) 50% 50°C x 96h ≥10% ≤10%
A3 (NaOH) 48% 50°C x 96h >10% <10%


Item Breaking strength (MPa) Elongation at break (%) Abrasion (mm3) Hardness (° )
Performance before aging ≥14.0 ≥400 ≤250 60 + 10/-5
Performance after aging ≥12.0 ≥350 - 65 + 10/-5


When the thickness of the cover rubber is 0.8mm-1.6mm, the sample thickness can be the maximum cut length, the tensile strength and the elongation at break are allowed to be 15% lower than those in the table.

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