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Cotton Conveyor Belt

This kind of size canvas cloth is made of all-cotton, Vi-cotton and cotton blend. Cotton canvas is woven by cotton fiber both in warp and in weft, its elongations is relatively low, and it is good in mechanical fastening and adhesion with rubber.

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Cotton Conveyor Belt detail

Convey material of non-corrosiveness, lump-shape, granular, or powder, such as coal, coke, sand and stone, cement, or ready-made articles.


Item Structure Textile item Carcass Tensile strength (N/mm) Thickness of cover rubber (mm) Wide range (mm)
Warp Weft 2Ply 3Ply 4Ply 5Ply 6Ply Top cover Bottom cover
CC Cotton Cotton CC-56 1.1 112 168 224 280 336 1.5-30 1.5-20 300-2500
TC Polyester Cotton TC-70 1.0 140 210 280 350 420 1.5-30 1.5-20 300-2500

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