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Quality control


Testing lab


Belt installation and splicing services
→ Emergency breakdown callout service
→ Scheduled maintenance
→ Project installation
→ Specialized change outs systems and produces for reduced down time
→ Splicing innovation (having developed new spicing methods for greater life)
→ Splicing Services cover all aspects of conveyor belting, include Multi-ply conveyor belt, Steel Cord, Solid Woven underground belts,etc



Technical services

Always offering a range of services to assist with initial design and predictive maintenance such as:
→ Conveyor Design
→ Independent splicing QA
→ Belt pull calculations to help ensure the safe and controlled installation of Conveyor Belting
→ Conveyor Belt inspections with automatic reporting including a summary showing areas needing urgent attention
→ Financial reporting on Whole Of Life cost and $/ton highlighting details of areas of high spend